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Springbrook Organic Dairy is a 100% grass based dairy Farm, owned and operated by me and my husband.  It is an award winning dairy farm that has become a model and asset in our local community.  We constructed a Grade A Dairy plant that opened in 2006.  This allows us to add value to our milk and provide a diverse product line of nutrient rich, full flavor White milk, Chocolate milk, drinkable yogurts and my proudest accomplishment to date, high quality artisan cheeses to our local community.    

Our farm has been hit with a series of events that resulted in a loss of production, animals and income. These include:

  • A Federally declared drought that lasted 7 years in Washburn county. A drought that meant no pasture for our cows and therefore a huge increase in our expenditure on hay for them to eat. We went from grazing 210 days of the year to none, so needed to supply hay for the cows to eat all year round!

  • Then, the price of Hay sky-rocketed due to the demand.

  • The added expense over that period was over $200,000.

  • Personal family struggles and injury meant my husband was unable to work fulltime for many years.

  • The harsh winter of 2010-11, we lost a total in milk production of $71,000.

Due to the above we have fallen into unfortunate debt and my lender (despite working as hard as they could to help) is now calling in the loan. This loan is attached to my farm, animals, equipment and home. If I cannot pay this debt they will take them. That's why I am reaching out at this time. We have come so far and the future looks too bright to give up. The demand for our product is high and that can continue but only if we save our farm!


By helping us, you will know that you helped support farming in a restorative and sustainable fashion, a farm that contributes to the preservation of a way of farming that aligns with the belief that we should do no harm to the earth, water, and animals that are under our care. One that was brave and broke away from an industrialized system of the way farmers get paid. A farm that has and continues to mentor other farmers in these sustainable practices. It provides a healthy, nutrient rich product in a local food system.


Our son wants to carry on this ecologically responsible tradition for another generation, which in turn could lead into future generations.  

If you are unable to contribute financially, we understand but please share this campaign with others and put the word out! Words of encouragement are always appreciated and any advice you might have is always helpful!

"From day one I have been deeply humbled and appreciative of everyone's efforts thus far to help me make this farm a reality.  I did not get here by myself.  Every dollar donated is one step closer to ensuring we can provide our community with healthy, nutritious products for generations to come. Peace and love to all."  Theresa Depies

If you have any question please contact me at 715-214-3338