Our Story

My name is Theresa and my husband’s name is Jeff. While Jeff was born and raised on a family dairy and hog farm, I was a child of parents who were the first generation to move off of the farm to seek employment elsewhere.

Jeff Depies out with the cows

Jeff and I will be married over 33 years and have 5 children: Ivy, Edward, Norbert, Jerome, and Ambrose. Everyone has contributed, and I will add, sacrificed much to the success of our farm.


Our farm, Springbrook Organic Dairy is located near Springbrook, Wisconsin along the Namekagon River.  This area of northern Wisconsin is part of the Saint Croix National Scenic Riverway. The Saint Croix River is one of the last undisturbed, large floodplain rivers in the Upper Mississippi River System and the Scenic Riverway includes its tributary, the Namekagon River.


Jeff and I are committed to living as close to nature as possible, practicing low-impact management intensive rotational grazing and organic farming to help ensure that the natural beauty of our area is retained. The pasture ecosystems support our dairy herd and other wildlife in the area, maintaining its wilderness quality and natural beauty. Our pastures’ soil acts as a natural filtration system, keeping contaminants out of the water table and hold soil and water more effectively in times of drought, preventing soil erosion from wind and excessive rain

At Springbrook Organic Dairy, we remain committed to providing our customers with the highest quality dairy products, and the unique health benefits of Jersey milk from a fresh, local source. But equally as important is our commitment to ensure that the operation of our Dairy enhances the quality of life for all.