Anything worth having is worth working for

Jeff and I believe people want to support the small family farm, and by our continued growth I'm happy to say, what we believed all along is true. We have spent the last 24 years putting this all together so we can bring you the freshest organic products available from our own Herd of jersey cows.   Since we purchased our farm in 1990, we have been committed to organic farming and the management of intensive grazing practices for the good of everyone: our animals, the environment, those who farm the land, and you our customers. We are a 100% grass bases dairy. We feed no grain.


We believe in local food, and that the uniqueness of every small farm should be embraced for what they have to offer. Every small farm is wholly and uniquely different from its neighbor.


We also believe that there is plenty of room for many small farms in the United States, and the world for that matter; and all of them have the potential of creating a living wage for their hard work and tiredless  detication.; we believe farmers should be able to have the freedom to set their own fair price for the products they work  so hard behind the scenes to produce.the world  is full of small little chunks of land that could be used to provide a bounty of spectacular, fresh, local food, bursting with flavor. We're  proud  to be your local provider of some of this food.


we see a bright future for a local, sustainable, safe food system.